Constant Changes in Communications

It’s amazing how fast 11 weeks can fly by. One second you’re learning about Web 1.0 and the next you’re logging out of your last live session. It’s really been a whirlwind of a semester. The biggest takeaway? I knew this day and this question would come…but it doesn’t make it any easier to answer. So instead I will share some thoughts.

One theme is consistent throughout this semester is that of constant change. One of the biggest things I will take away from this course is just how much change we have seen in the digital communications field. Even in the span of just one year. Our technology and needs as consumers are intertwined and constantly changing and I don’t think this will be slowing down anytime soon.



I also think we will continue to see a shift in the use of storytelling and video content as a means to draw in consumers. Who doesn’t love a good story? It’s a win-win. Though I think the lines of this delivery will become blurred. Example: when you listen to a podcast you may notice when they take breaks it sounds like another podcast instead of an advertisement or commercial. Advertisers are shifting their content based on their consumer’s interests. I think this will continue to happen as companies try to relate to us.

I am also super curious to see where we go in terms of net neutrality. Up until now, the internet has operated off of the idea of an open and free internet. But now this is changing and being challenged by the FCC. Will the ideas of fast lanes where we are forced to pay for speed come to fruition? Will we become victims of a digital divide if people who can afford the internet will have access to things faster and the poor don’t? Will we become divided based on the speed we can afford? That is a scary thought. Something I hoped we wouldn’t have to consider.

Will a new form of social media arise? If so, will it stand up to goliaths like Facebook and Twitter and survive?  So many questions!

Ultimately, I think it’s fascinating to think about how much we have changed as consumers. We rely so much on the internet for everything. I’m not sure this will ever grow old.  Smartphones will continue to dominate and consume our lives. Our digital dependency will keep advertisers happy and the internet thriving. I’m excited to see what the future holds and what changes will come!

Farewell, first semester!


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