The Power of Words

Storytelling will never go out of style. It’s no fad or trend. It’s a way of life. It is how we share our experiences and relate to one another. The use of words in a story can be really powerful and profound. I think we as consumers embrace emotion and to be entertained and a good story can always help achieve these things.

Stories drive change. They make us as humans feel things or question things that we may have not before. This is why storytelling has been such a critical thing in the communications field. A good story can really change a person or capture their attention if you tell it correctly.


Think of big brands. They are moving towards storytelling in their ads and commercials because they want to connect with you. They want you their story to resonate with you and make you think of their brand the next time you are out and see their product. Storytelling allows you to really reach people and draw from their life experiences, which is why when it is done carefully it can have such a big impact.

Storytelling is something that has been around forever and is still evolving. Yes, cavemen used to draw stories in their caves, and here we are years later doing the same thing with our friends (not in caves, in rowhomes now.) Storytelling is in our nature to do. Who doesn’t love a good story? This is why when a company creates a story that generates buzz its interests us because odds are you will have an opinion on it (good or bad) and that’s worth sharing.

Stories leave us with a lasting impression, which is why they are so important to us. Now we have social media to share our stories as well.


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