Data Data Everywhere…



Data is everywhere. It surrounds us and can be used in so manyyyyy ways. So it’s no surprise that the use of Big Data is critical for the customer service experience.

Because everything is accessible and at our fingertips, it is more critical than ever for companies (big and small) to use data to connect with their consumers. I think the days of sending shopping coupons through the mail are over. I think sites must customize themselves in order to lure and attract customers. There are too many options out there so companies must stand out, and utilizing big data can help with this.

I think the more customized a company can make itself to accommodating and anticipating my needs as a consumer the more likely I am to be loyal to them.

Think about Target. Who doesn’t love Target? It’s a money trap the second you walk in the door. I use their cartwheel app every time I shop in their stores. This app allows me to scan or search for coupons that I will only find only in the Target store. I feel like anytime I find an item through this app it’s a deal and a win in my book. Furthermore, after using cartwheel Target will use the data from my cartwheel app to send me personalized emails based on my shopping habits. Sure, this is creepy, but you’d be surprised how often these emails serve as reminders for me to fuel my shopping addiction and return to their store. In this case, they are using the data from my purchases to anticipate my next visit.  They are catering to my needs (or wants) and this works.

Other ways that companies can improve their customer service are by providing incentives for you to come back based on data collection that they find. Whether it be a loyalty card that allows you special rewards or a monthly digital coupon, companies have to make you feel like you are important and valued by them. Otherwise, we won’t feel tied to them and will just continue shopping around to the next store. I also think companies should try to update their ways of gauging customer satisfaction through technology. I think I’d be more prone to respond to a text with a few prompts and a promise of an incentive at the end vs. an old school survey. Obviously, you’d have to share your phone number to take part in this survey, but it seems like less of a hassle than being bombarded by random emails.

Much like the digital technology around us, companies must evolve in order to meet the insatiable needs of their customers. They must think outside of the box. They have to use their data to understand who is shopping in their stores and why. If they can paint an accurate picture of their consumer then they can stay one step ahead of their competition.


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