Media Monopoly


“Minority and Female Media Ownership: Why it Matters” what a shocking read. It felt like an eye-opening wait is this really true moment for me. Sure, I realize that the vast majority of media conglomerations and owners are predominantly white, but I reallyyyyy didn’t realize that women and minorities are basically invisible in the graphs showing owners by race and gender. As of 2012, only three percent of minorities owned a commercial broadcast television station. That dismal number just means fewer opportunities for a diversified group of people. It’s hard to fathom.

Women and minorities are struggling to take ownership of stations, especially as companies consolidate, making the odds stacked against them.  The data is there to prove it, but owner regulation doesn’t seem to be the topic of major discussion right now.

A quote that stuck with me from this article said, “The point of diversity in ownership is to increase the variety of voices in the public sphere, which the FCC is required to do as part of its mission in the public interest.”  Sooooo where is the FCC in this encouraging diversification? It seems like we are more concerned about major mergers than making sure the voices of all people are heard. It’s truly a shame for a society that regards itself as a melting pot of cultures and people.


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