Bridging the gap on the Digital Divide

To learn what we don’t know we must be educated. This rings true when I think of ways to solve the digital divide. The digital divide is described as “the growing contrast between the “information haves,” those who can afford to purchase computers and pay for Internet services, and the “information have-nots,” those who may not be able to afford a computer of pay for Internet services.

How do we bridge this gap? I think we do so through by starting in our school’s with education. By promoting the use of Internet in our schools and libraries we would be able to train and inform all types of people regardless of age. I think this training would be offered in all schools, campuses, and libraries for the public. The training would not only show basic use and understanding of the Internet, but it will specifically help people understand the benefits of using the Internet. This training would also contain curriculum that shows the evolving use of the Internet. By keeping the information up-to-date it would hopefully create buzz and interest.

I think it’s important that we all remain informed and on the same playing field when it comes to using the Internet. The information highway has lots of lanes and we all deserve to have the ability to drive on it. Without this resource, we limit our ability to know what is happening around us.


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