Digital Dependency

I remember back in the late 90’s when my parents purchased our very first computer. It was massive and took up the side of our living room. It featured dial-up Internet through AOL, and boy was it slow. Fast-forward to 2017 and I get impatient when a YouTube clip doesn’t start playing after 5 seconds…Times have changed.


We are a society that is digitally dependent. The main culprit you ask? Social media. I believe it’s because of the Four C’s: Communication, Connections, Convenience, and Creating Content. (Can you tell I’m a fan of alliteration?)

Using social media allows you to chat with whoever we want, whenever we want! You can’t go wrong with a platform that allows humans to chat. We also feel closer to one another by having the ability to share or view each other’s activity on social media. Maybe you forgot to call your college friend on their birthday? Well lucky for you Facebook will remind you it’s their special day and you can quickly write on their wall like you didn’t forget. Every social media platform makes connecting easy. You can’t beat easy.

We also have the freedom to post and create content as much as we want. In a society driven by “likes”, it’s no wonder that having a platform that promotes this would be popular. There’s always something new to see or scroll by on social media, it’s a fun escape and that is why it is so alluring and addicting to use.

Social media has grown so quickly because our needs as consumers in the digital age have forced it to. We thrive on knowledge, gossip, news, and real-time updates. We need to know what’s happening at all times and depending on which social media platform you’re using you get some form of that.

Our need for speed has fueled our digital dependency. We will have to buckle up and see what the future holds.


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